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Folkwang University of the Arts

Klemensborn 39
D-45239 Essen
Phone: +49_(0)201_4903-0
Fax: +49_(0)201_4903-288
Folkwang University of the Arts is a body of public law. Legal representation falls to the rector, Prof. Kurt Mehnert.

Controlling Institution Responsible

Ministry of Innovation, Science and Research of the Federal Land of North Rhine-Westphalia,
Völklinger Straße 49, 40221 Düsseldorf
Tax ID number: DE 119677452.

Conception | Editorial Office:

Daniela Endrulat – Communications and event planning, Hattingen

Maiken-Ilke Groß (responsible for the contents of the central websites pursuant to article 55 II of the Interstate Broadcasting Treaty [RStV]) | Department 3: Communications & Media > gross(at)
in cooperation with Folkwang University of the Arts faculties and institutes.


Communications & media in cooperation with Daniela Endrulat and Folkwang University of the Arts study programs as well as work spaces/institutes/departments. Facilities, institutes, study programs and administrative offices are responsible for the contents of their own sites.

Translation into English: Marie-Luise Fricke and TE.KAAT.COM

Translation into Chinese: Dr. Ning-ning Loh-John


Clara Pörtner,

Technical Implementation & Web Administrator

Felix Yu | Department 5: IT Systems_Folkwang University > E-Mail

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Liability Note

In spite of thouroughly controlling the contents of this site, we do not accept liability for the contents of external links. The licensees of the linked sites are solely responsible.