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Folkwang is the union of arts

Since 1927, Folkwang University of the Arts has been combining different art genres and disciplines. It is the central educational institution for music, theater, dance, design and science, which turned Folkwang into a cultural trade mark all over the world.

The name “Folkwang“ stands for a distinctive idea of artistic education and art didactics. The groundworks for this idea have been laid over 100 years ago by Karl Ernst Osthaus with his vision of cross-disciplinary concurrence of the arts and the anchoring of all arts in the center of a democratic society. The forerunner of today's University of the Arts was founded almost 90 years ago by Kurt Jooss, Rudolf Schulz-Dornburg, Hein Heckroth and other significant personalities.

Since then, Folkwang University of the Arts has been deliberately orienting itself by social realities, so that by providing innovative and creative impulses, the arts could evolve into a vivid factor of society. Folkwang University of the Arts has the claim to educate personalities impressed with excellent artistic skills, a broad educational horizon and a high degree of individuality, creativity and social responsability.

Music, theater, dance, design, science – studying at extraordinary locations.
Studying at Folkwang means stuying at extraordinary locations, in landmarked and architecture award-winning buildings, in the midst of the Ruhr metropolis. The six locations at Essen, Duisburg, Bochum and Dortmund attest to Folkwang University of the Arts's deep anchoring in one of the largest cultural centers in Europe.

Folkwang offers about 40 study programs, most of which with the internationally accepted final degrees of Bachelor, Master and Artist Diploma. Furthermore, there are doctorate and postdoctorate programs as well as different further education programs.

Folkwang University's over 1,500 students come from almost all countries in the world and they have about 400 international lecturers to teach them. Beside their excellent education, they always keep in mind the central element of Folkwang University of the Arts: the interdivisional cooperation of the different disciplines, the diversity of all university members and their active exchange.